Analytical Support to Critical Infrastructure Protection Policy and Investment Decision-Making

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Information & Security: An International Journal, Volume 28, Issue 1, Number 1, p.13-20 (2012)


CASoS, CIP, complex adaptive systems, Decision Support, ECI, EU Directive 114/2008, interdependency, knowledge management, knowledge portal, method, security policy, tool


Critical infrastructures are complex, interlinked socio-technical systems, with impact often crossing state borders. Their protection involves governments and business organisations, interacting in the application of a broad variety of measures to provide safety and security while investing a considerable amount of public and private resources. This paper examines the challenge of making respective policy and investment decisions transparent, and a sample of methods and tools used to facilitate decision making. It also calls for contributions to a knowledge portal on security and safety of critical infrastructures.

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