Training of staff on issues of cybersecurity

The main content of the topic includes issues related to the development of a training program for staff on matters relating to cybersecurity. Specify the key features, among which fall the program's objectives, specification program, tailored to the needs of teaching staff etc. Takes stock of the possible forms of the training as a comment on their advantages and...

Environment for countermeasures against cybercrime

The importance of issues related to cybersecurity, have a direct connection with the state of the environment described using features such as growing use of computer systems and networks for business and in everyday life. Environment is also important from the standpoint that within the same is done combating cybercrime and of its qualities it depends how this counter is...

Roles and Functions of Cybersecurity Manager

At issue is an overview of the requirements for the person who performs the functions of cybersecurity manager focusing on its roles and responsibilities. Among the main roles are considered obligations of the cybersecurity manager to formulate objectives, priorities and tasks within the department, creating a team of specialists in cybersecurity, balancing the interests...

Legal aspects of information security

In the theme some key issues related to the legal protection of certain types of information whose content increases their sensitivity and hence as a consequence requires the adoption and implementation of specific legal measures to ensure their security are presented. As examples of such information, the theme are considered the peculiarities of the protection of...

Budgeting for capabilities

This lecture presents defence budgets and budgeting from the point of view of (potentially to be) delivered defence capabilities.

Currently, lecture materials are in Bulgarian. Some of the key references are in English and openly accessible on this website.

Introduction to the theory of public administration

This is a test description of a lecture theme.

Strategic Management in Security and Defence

The lecture presents the main governance functions and processes in defence and a concept for strategic defence management, i.e. the balancing of goals and ambitions, strategy, capabilities and planning risk in a changing force development environment. On this conceptual basis, the lecture presents a capability taxonomy, recommendations for improvement of organisational...