Applying Modeling and Simulation to Enhance National and Multi-National Cooperation

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Roland Ronald


Information & Security: An International Journal, Volume 3, p.12-24 (1999)


command and control, computer aided exercises (CAX)., crisis management, Joint theater level simulation (JTLS), national military command center (NMCC)


The article presents case studies and practical applications enabling the readers to learn about military simulations and how they are used in defense and crisis management. It is the first in a series that will describe the application of modeling and simulation to enhance country-to-country, agency-to-agency and coalition-to-coalition cooperation and understanding and provides information on the availability of M&S applications, their potential benefits and associated cost. The content is relative to company news – updating the reader on the latest developments in the military simulation and training industry and assisting in developing a hypothetical plan for the implementation and use of various M&S applications. The coverage focus is generally on the command laboratory simulation but is defined in the context of crisis management center concepts.

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