The Coalition Information Systems and Operations Learning Network: An Emerging Concept for Multinational C4 Interoperability

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Information & Security: An International Journal, Volume 14, p.56-70 (2004)


advanced distributed learning, C4, CJTF, coalition interoperability, command and control, e-learning, PfP Consortium, security cooperation, transfor¬mation


The Coalition Information Systems and Operations (CISO) Learning Network is developing in collaboration with NATO and Partnership for Peace (PfP) nations an Internet-based online repository of e-Learning materials for enhanced coalition interoperability, in order to promote agility and flexibility, as well as increased knowledge and better understanding. Once fully implemented, it will promote net-centricity in coalition command and control through a global, Web-enabled environment that leverages existing and emerging technologies in a “smart-pull” fashion as part of the NATO transformation agenda.
Moving beyond issues of technical interoperability, the CISO Learning Network addresses what might be called “cognitive interoperability.” It responds to the need for current and future military missions to involve multi-national coalition forces that must be rapidly drawn together, flexibly led, responsively deployed and agile to address a wide variety of dynamically evolving tasks. In all of these missions there is a need for agility, responsiveness and effectiveness in the use of limited resources to achieve complex and multiple objectives. Effective integration of command, control, communications, and computers (C4) is a core competence and task among and between foreign militaries in addressing the challenges of both Asymmetric and Fourth Generation Warfare.
The CISO response is to bring together NATO and PfP Partner C4 educators, researchers, developers, and military professionals to jointly develop commonly agreed upon educational approaches for the C4 domain, leading to appropriate academic achievement and certification. CISO will focus on aiding the integration of technology development efforts, organizational concepts, and the development of Joint Doctrine. The net-centric approach enables discovery, exploration, testing, assessment, and demonstration of transformational approaches co-developed with coalition partners. The CISO Learning Network concept promotes cooperative development in multinational education and training as a vital part of the transformation experience and will serve as an enabler for better understanding by Joint Commanders on the configuration, deployment and employment of C4 Systems.

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