Command and Control: Operational Requirements and System Implementation

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Information & Security: An International Journal, Volume 5, p.23-40 (2000)


command and control, evolutionary development., operational, system architectures, technical


This paper examines accepted definition of “Command and Control” (C2), and from that examination the author derives the fundamental operational requirements for a Command and Control Information System. The result is an outline of operational, system, and technical architectures for such a System, creating a basis for the evolutionary implementation of an effective Command and Control capability that extends over all levels of national command. The author recommends employment of an evolutionary development and acquisition paradigm for implementing the required C2 capabilities. Such approach not only minimizes operational and technical risks but also ensures that an effective core system capability is realized in a timely manner, while establishing a sound basis for the follow-on enhancement of that capability at a rate commensurate with the availability of the necessary additional funding. User oriented prototyping and testbedding should be a part of that process to ensure active user involvement, supported by proof of concept prototyping, thereby ensuring user acceptability of the developed capabilities and the reduction of cost risk.

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