Communication between the Defence Sector and the Civil Society of Bulgaria as a Way to Build Capacity for Countering Hybrid Threats

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Vyara Zhekova


Information & Security: An International Journal (2018)


civil society, Defence Sector, Hybrid threats


The choice of the topic for this article has been provoked first and foremost by the growing significance of the problem. If we look further into the essence of the matter, we should analyse a number of normative and state documents and publications, as well as various close-ups of the relations between the state and the civil society at both national and international levels. The author does realize the gravity of such study and due to the limitations imposed by the circumstances she will focus on the processes of management of information and communication between the defence sector and the civil society in Bulgaria in view of the White Book on Defence and Armed Forces and the National Security Strategy of the Republic of Bulgaria.

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