Cybercrime Strategy (modeling example)

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IT4Sec Reports, Number 149 (2023)


capabilities, cybercrime, Cybersecurity, PESTLE - analysis, strategy, SWOT - analysis


The widespread penetration of technology and networks into people’s professional and personal lives brings cyber security challenges to the front line of our society. Cyberattacks and cybercrimes аre accompanying the daily lives of modern Internet users, and the damages caused by them are significant enough to be considered as a major component of modern cybersecurity. The diversity of criminal acts, perpetrators, and consequences requires a countering cybercrimes solution that has to be planned and implemented based on a strategic approach. Part of the countries are specifying their cyber security strategies with separate strategies for countering cybercrimes, and this turns out to be the right approach. The study defends the idea of the need and usefulness of developing and implementing a cybercrime strategy. Based on international good practices, authors’ ideas and research, a model for such a strategy, tailored to the Bulgarian environment is proposed. The aim is to provoke a discussion in the direction of assessing the need to create a national cybercrime strategy.

Last updated: Friday, 17 November 2023