Developing Regional Air Defence Capabilities: Role of NC3A

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Information & Security: An International Journal, Volume 25, p.113-122 (2010)


airspace, Balkan Region, C4I, C4ISR, Civil to Military cooperation and integra­tion, command and control, defence planning, ISR, Missile Defence, NATO, NC3A, Russia, South East Europe, terrorist threat.


The South Eastern European nations of the Balkan Region form an area of countries with similar geo-political issues. These nations need to go through a modernization process of their Air Defence capabilities, in times where financial limitations make it difficult for a single nation to acquire such capabilities on their own. The NATO C3 Agency is highly engaged with the nations of South East Europe in supporting their C4ISR transformation efforts, and possesses all skills, capabilities, and tools to design, procure and implement a regional, multi-national air defence capability, with truly joint situational awareness and integration of na­tional sensors and Missile Defence systems.

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