Formal and Intelligent Methods for Security and Resilience: Education and Training Issues

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Information & Security: An International Journal, Volume 35, Issue 2, p.133-150 (2016)


artificial intelligence, B-method, computer networks, Formal methods, resilience, resilient system, secure protocol, security, software development


This article presents the results of the implementation of TEMPUS SEREIN project in the Khmelnitsky National University. The main challenge was to develop curriculum and course materials for masters and PhD students. The authors introduce the module description of the course “Formal and Intelligent Methods for Security and Resilience.” The module deals with the issues of development and usage of formal methods for designing secure software systems and implementation of formal methods for assuring security of computer networks. We also present some issues on the usage of intelligent systems for security and address the questions of enhancing systems’ resilience. The implementation of the developed training course will improve the quality of education and will make graduates more successful on the labour market.

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