Future Security Trends and Their Impact from an Industry Point of View

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Ricard Munné


Information & Security: An International Journal, Volume 29, Issue 2, p.147-160 (2013)


comprehen¬sive approach, Critical Infrastructure, EU framework, foresight, global actor, impact, industry, Natural Disasters, security, supply chain


Impacts from future security trends on industry have been derived from the work performed in the scenario foresight for alternative futures, and for embedded scenarios of security research in the FOCUS project. For each FOCUS theme, and for each scenario found in project reports, changes from the current situation have been analyzed and their impacts for different industries and activity sectors have been assessed. Trends have been grouped by industry/activity in each theme and those with significant ground in each scenario have been selected. According to scenario analysis, public services, ICT and technology, and critical infrastructure sectors are those which are more impacted by detected security trends from the scenarios analyzed. Specifically ICT has some cross cutting trends impacting in more than one theme, like information integration; intelligent knowledge based monitoring of new social media and other open information sources, information management and common situational pictures. Natural disasters, global environmental change and comprehensive approach are the most impacted FOCUS themes by future industry security trends. The analysis presented here may be useful for the assessment in the development of new research tracks or new products in the industry.

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