The Genetic Program: A Technocratic Hypothesis on the Paradigm of Civilization

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Information & Security: An International Journal, Volume 9, Number 70-90, p.70-90 (2002)


genetic code, global technological development, Information society, information warfare., paradigmatic deficiency, sustainable development, universal mind


A hypothesis for the evolution of the human civilization is proposed examining primarily information and information technologies as components of the global technological program of the universal mind. Assuming the a priori existence of ontological information nucleus in the genetic code, inherited by new generations, the hypothesis offers an explanation of technology, processes, and realization of a global algorithm for mastering our part of space and time, building an eternal incubator of wisdom – a colony for accumulation of knowledge and reduction of entropy in the universe. Taking into account the impact of social factors in the global models, as well as the lack of universal concept for sustainable development, we ascertain an acute paradigmatic deficiency. The interpretation of the hypothesis in the framework of a general historic window provides global classification of the phases of technological development of humanity as a metamodel. Evolving towards the information society, the human civilization naturally advances to new ‘informational’ forms of warfare, treated under this hypothesis as paradigmatic deformations in the global relationship between humanness and violence.

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