Hybrid Warfare: Emerging Research Topics

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Todor Tagarev


Information & Security: An International Journal, Volume 39, Issue 3, p.289-300 (2018)


complexity, Hybrid threats, hybrid warfare, interdisciplinary research, multidisciplinary studies, nonlinearity, Risk, vulnerability


This article elaborates on four emerging research topics, considered of key importance for the understanding of and finding effective countermeasures to hybrid threats: (1) exploring the interlinked dynamics of a conflict developing in parallel in the physical world and on social networks; (2) analysing the expanding involvement of private actors who serve as proxies for an assertive state; (3) exploring the vulnerabilities of national security systems to hybrid influence and finding effective countermeasures; and (4) designing an architecture that allows to study the problem of hybrid threats holistically by providing interoperability among domain-specific or cross-domain models, or ‘use cases,’ and the respective data. All these require multi- and interdisciplinary research and consistent accumulation, verification and sharing of data, case studies and models.

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