IC3 - the Informativeness of the Conflict-Crisis-Catastrophe Triad

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Deyan Gotchev


Information & Security: An International Journal, Volume 1, Issue 2, p.43-55 (1998)


The aim of the presented ideas is to integrate the IC3 approach in the creation of a complete instrument for survival. Today, law seems to be replaced by opinion as the source of authority. Enemy images, embedded in public opinion, are a serious obstacle to conflict management. The crisis—the first bifurcation point in a conflict development—is not only a constellation of previous stable factors which now act in a negative mode, but a multitude of unsuspected new-born phenomena. Security is focused on the core of understanding and acceptance of a crisis warning. War has always been a balance between information warfare and physical destruction. Living with information, viewed as a „hologram“ of fuzziness, uncertainty, and perspectives, is an art rather than a craft. The Integrated Crisis Management Instrumentarium should be an interdisciplinary team creating innovative strategies and offering polyvariant decisions to the state leadership. A catastrophe, which could be characterized by termination and paradigm destruction, is the last bifurcation point.

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