Information technologies for good governance in defence, security, and the public sector: Experience and outlook

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CSDM Views, Centre for Security and Defence Management, Number 27, Sofia (2014)


Good governance, project portfolio, security sector reform


The author presents the experience in the first five years since the establishment of Department “Research & Development of Information Systems,” the consolidation of the research capacity in the “IT for Security” Department, the necessity of applying advanced information technologies and the outlook for the IT-focused research for the good governance in the public sphere, with focus on defence and security.

Associate Professor Dr. Velizar Shalamanov is the first head of Department “Research & Development of Information Systems” since its establishment on January 1, 2005 till the summer of 2009. At current, he is Director “Customers Management” in the NATO Communication and Information Agency (on unpaid leave from the institute). Dr. Velizar Shalamanov served as defence minister in Bulgaria's Caretaker Government, 6 August - 6 November 2014.

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