Integrating COTS Technologies into a Scalable Mobile Emergency Command Post

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Information & Security: An International Journal, Volume 10, p.87-96 (2003)


C4ISR, drill, emergency management, exercise, field command and control, information assurance, Information Security, operational, system, technical architecture


The article describes an ongoing effort in developing and demonstrating the capabilities of commercial-off-the-shelf technologies, integrated to provide cost-effective on-site command and control of various emergencies. The author briefly presents major operational, system, and technical architecture issues, as well as the approach chosen to deal with the problem of information assurance. The proposed C2 architecture may be easily scaled to better fit requirements of a particular customer. It has been tested in laboratory environment and highly acclaimed at technical exhibitions. The concept will be further tested during an international disaster relief exercise, to be conducted in the summer of 2003 in Bulgaria under the coordination of the State Agency for Civil Protection of the Republic of Bulgaria.

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