Integrating Web, Desktop, Enterprise and Military Simulation Technologies to Enable World-Wide Scalable Televirtual Environments

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Information & Security: An International Journal , Volume 3, p.149-160 (1999)


We present an approach to the next generation televirtual (TVR) environments that integrate collaboration with distributed computing and modern modeling and simulation technologies. We follow the 3-tier architecture with the Web Object (Java/CORBA) based middleware, VRML/Java3D/DirectX based front-ends and JDBC/PSS/OLEDB based back-ends and we are testing our design and the integration concepts by prototyping a multi-user authoring and runtime environment to support WebHLA based distributed military simulations. We present first our taxonomy of collaboratory frameworks and our integration paradigm, based on the WebFlow system at NPAC. We then list the critical enabling technologies that are being integrated and finally we summarize the current status of our prototyping experiments.

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