The Internet in China: Civilian and Military Uses

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Information & Security: An International Journal, Volume 7, p.159-173 (2001)


Internet in China; growth in Internet use by civilians; integration of the Internet into military operations, Internet skirmishes.


China is promoting widespread use of the Internet. Not only are there more users, there are also more companies and conglomerates (some government sponsored) establishing a Chinese Internet backbone for the nation. The Ministry of Information Industries makes strategies, policy, and plans for China. However, even though embracing economic reforms, China continues to try to limit the challenges presented by the Internet through some creative controls. The military uses the Internet to conduct exercises and as a training device. There are reportedly over 400 military web sites. To date, Chinese citizens have been involved in three Internet “wars,” two with the U.S. and one with Taiwan. China’s expanding Internet use should be closely monitored by other nations in the coming years.

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