Methodology of Risk Management in Providing Sustainable Development of Settlements

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Information & Security: An International Journal, Volume 40, Issue 1, p.100-104 (2018)


construction, emergency situations, methodology, operation, risk management, technical regulation


<p>In any activity, we deal with internal and external factors having a direct im&not;pact on its results and which are determined as &lsquo;risks.&rsquo; Countries stand up to threats in economy, politics, environment, social risks, man-made disasters with the capacity to destabilize social and economic life. In Ukraine&rsquo;s circumstances, these risks are compounded by geopolitical instability, the military conflict in the East of the country, a high level of corruption and a burden of the Soviet heritage of regulating the economy.</p><p>Construction and operation of real estate throughout its life cycle (from shaping investment intents, including design, construction, operation, repair, reconstruction, and up to demolition and reclamation of materials and waste) is a significant example for development and implementation of risk management models. Therefore, the elaboration of a methodology for risk management is of increasing significance for the policies and practices aiming to provide sustainable development of settlements by means of technical regulation in construction.</p>

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