Military-Industrial Complex: How to profit from the National Security

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CSDM Views, Number 33 (2015)


Bulgaria, defense acquisition, defense economics, defense industrial policy, defense policy, defense politics, defense procurement policy, military-industrial complex, public-private partnership, small state


The meaning of “Military-industrial complex” in the former “Eastern bloc” European countries is different from that of the famous farewell speech of the US President D.D. Eisenhower . The VPK (Military-industrial complex) consists of the state owned military industry during the Soviet era. Few of these enterprises survived the end of the Cold war, especially those in the new NATO and EU member states. Almost all “successful stories” are about private or joint public private companies.
Bulgaria should change its understanding of Military-industrial complex from this of the Soviet era VPK to that of Eisenhower speech. The idea is not to „avoid” the democratic institutions, but to establish mutually benefit relations between the Government (MoD) and the private business from the perspective of a small country with still developing heavy industry.

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