Modern Information Technologies and General Public Protection in the Republic of Bulgaria

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Information & Security: An International Journal, Volume 10, p.43-55 (2003)


EDRIM, Emergency Notification and Alert System for the Danube River Basin, GIS, INMARSAT-C, ISDN, National Automated Radiation Monitoring System, National Situation Center, Risk Assessment, SAR


This article presents the Information System used by the State Agency for Civil Protection of the Republic of Bulgaria (IS-CPRB). The IS-CPRB is designed for collecting, processing and distributing up-to-date analyses, assessments and information on chemical, biological and hydro-meteorological emergencies as well as emergencies related to radiation, traffic or fire, including natural disasters, technological incidents and traffic accidents. EDRIM (Electronic Discussion Group for Risk Management), the National Automated Radiation Monitoring System (RAMO) and the International Alert System for the Danube River are reviewed as useful support tools for the IS-CPRB. The agreement for developing another framework for regional cooperation—the Civil-Military Emergency Planning Council for Southeastern Europe—is presented in the annex.

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