National Security Concepts and Information Warfare

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Peter Tagarev


Information & Security: An International Journal, Volume 1, Issue 2, p.33-42 (1998)


Focusing on the impact of the modern information society, the author compares national security concepts, military doctrines and strategies of the US, the Russian Federation, Bulgaria, Turkey, Italy, Greece and the NATO allied strategy. He outlines the challenges, stemming from the development of information society, to the national security, their relation to contemporary military doctrines and strategies, as well as the impact of the latter on the development of the information resources of each country. Outlined are tasks for the political-military leadership of the country in order to achieve the objectives of acquisition and processing of information for adequate decisions. Special attention is paid on the requirements of information warfare towards the development of a national military doctrine and on the formulation of criteria for evaluation of the national system for acquisition of specialized information and electronic warfare.

The full text is in Bulgarian.

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