Phases and Challenges of Security Sector Reform in the Experience of Bulgaria

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Todor Tagarev


IT4Sec Reports, Institute of Information and Communication Technologies, Number 85, Sofia (2011)


accountability, armed forces, civilian control, Consortium., effectiveness, efficiency, integrity, IT4Sec reports, PfP, security sector reform, Transparency


IT4Sec Reports 85 includes the main theses of a presentation at the “Oversight and Accountability of the Defense Sector” panel of the Annual Conference of the Partnership for Peace Consortium of Defense Academies and Security Studies Institutes, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, 22-23 June 2011. The report describes the Bulgarian experience along the three main phases of reform in the post-communist transition of the country: (1) Establishing key mechanisms for civilian control over the armed forces and protection of human rights in the early 1990s; (2) Building democratic defense institutions, starting in the late 1990s and continuing to be in the focus throughout the first decade of the new century; and (3) Transformation of the security sector as a whole – the current focus of reform efforts.

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