Policy and Legal Frameworks of Using Armed Forces for Domestic Disaster Response and Relief

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Information & Security: An International Journal, Volume 40, Issue 2, p.137-166 (2018)


civ-mil coordination, crisis management, disaster response, militarism, military support, security and defence policy


This article reviews roles of military forces in Europe in support of civilian authorities in crises caused by natural or manmade incidents and disasters. These roles are shaped by five trends – some in effect since the end of the Cold war, others more recent. These are: transition from civil defence to civil protection; expanding non-combat roles of the armed forces; cooperation with an increasing number of actors; respective proliferation of modes of contribution; and searching ways to contribute to the resilience of both states and local communities. The authors elaborate and provide examples for these five trends and conclude by highlighting some enduring characteristics of the military contributions.

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