Scenario and ambitions for managing a trans-border political-military crisis: Implications for Bulgaria’s Defence Policy

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CSDM Views, Number 30 (2015)


defence policy, ethnic conflict, planning scenarios, transborder conflict


At the end of 2007 and early 2008, we conducted a study on the request of the Ministry of Defence of Republic of Bulgaria, aimed to support the review of the country’s defence policy and the long-term vision for its armed forces. The report was published in the Spring of 2008 without any substantive editorial intervention. In view of the current crisis in neighbouring Macedonia, we decided to inform our readers on the relevant portions of that work, as it was published more than seven years ago. Depending on the evolution of the security situation close to the Bulgarian borders, we stand ready to review prospective scenarios and recommend feasible courses of action.
The full text of the report is in Bulgarian.

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