Using the Cyber Situational Awareness Concept for Protection of Agricultural Enterprise Management Information Systems

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Information & Security: An International Journal, Volume 46, Issue 2, p.168-181 (2020)


control system, Cyber Situational Awareness, Information System, network protection


<p>There are similarities in information management between military and agricultural systems, e.g. distribution, impact of the environment, mobile agents, and the human factor are functioning in 2- and 3-dimensional space. This allows spin-offs in the implementation of the concept of Cyber Situational Awareness (CSA), which is studied intensively in the defence field, but so far has not been applied with the aim to protect agricultural enterprise management systems.</p><p>The purpose of this study is to substantiate the directions for the implementation of the CSA concept for the protection of corporate networks of agricultural enterprises, with the hypothesis that this will allow effective protection. The methodological basis is formed by the current provisions of the CSA concept, system analysis and synthesis.</p><p>Results. The stability of communication channels and security is largely determined by the reliability of data transmission in the network, which is ensured by the design of the appropriate network structure. This in turn will provide opportunities to implement the first level of the CSA concept in IT to protect agricultural management systems.</p>

Last updated: Wednesday, 14 October 2020