Why Digital Ecosystems of Civil-Military Partnerships Are a Game Changer for International Security and Defence

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Journal Article


Information & Security: An International Journal, Volume 42, p.33-47 (2019)


Civil-military relations, defence and security, digital disruption, digital transformation, NATO


<p>The defence and security sectors are grappling to keep up with the rapid changes that the digital transformation is having on societies. By 2030, people will have access to unprecedented volumes of information available through networks across the globe. Enhanced connectivity will expose both civil and military networks to threats at a pace never seen before. Threats and challenges associated with the digital change of Big Data, the Internet of Things or disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence continue to make current headlines. Partnerships between civil and military institutions in the digital era will help mitigate the misuse of technology while fully harnessing its opportunities. As we move into a new era where information and hybrid warfare continue to mark the security landscape, digital ecosystems of civil-military partnerships will prove valuable for the long term. An era where a comprehensive, diverse and an inclusive lens in implementing defence and security policies is a necessity to reflect the complex and interrelated security challenges of today&rsquo;s age. Building on the public-private transatlantic forum, such as the NATO Industrial Advisory Group by tapping into the full potential across the Alliance, will help ensure NATO stays ahead of the technology curve. Bringing public-private partnerships into the digital era to keep pace with the challenges of digital transformation and disruption is no longer a luxury, but a necessity.</p>

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