Defence Management in English

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This is a module in the "Strategic Course", conducted in the "G.S. Rakovski" National Defence Academy in the English language. The "Defence Management" module introduces the student to advanced concepts of management; the linkage among defence policy, strategy and management; the main approaches to defence planning; capability development in national and allied context;  the management of human, financial and material resources, the role of the defence technological and industrial base; decision-support methods and tools; and advanced concepts of managing organisational development in uncertainty. In each of the 12 main themes students are tasked to elaborate and discuss their views on issues of current practical importance.

This is a course thought by Prof. Todor Tagarev and Dr. Georgi Tsvetkov at the "National Security and Defence" faculty of the "G.S. Rakovski" Defence Academ in Sofia, Bulgaria. The students are Colonels/Navy Captains, Lieutenant Colonels/ Navy Commanders and defence civilians of an equivalent level of seniority.

Last updated: Friday, 09 March 2018