Centre for Security and Defence Management

CSDM is an academic unit, conducting theoretical and applied research according to highest professional standards. It provides unbiased, politically neutral support to the formulation and the implementation of security and defence policies. The Centre facilitates the informed, constructive, and innovative public debate on key security and defence issues, including the national contribution to ESDP and the NATO security strategy.
CSDM conducts research, provides policy advice, focused training and interactive simulations in the fields of:
• Security and Defence Policy and Strategy
• Foresight-based, Capabilities-oriented Security and Defence Planning
• Organisational Design and Process Improvement
• Security and Defence Technological and Industrial Base
• Critical Infrastructure Protection & Civil Security
• Information Security
• Good Governance in the Security Sector: Transparency, Accountability, Integrity
• Knowledge Management and Learning Organisational
Based on its own research results, and in cooperation with its international partners, CSDM provides training and qualification opportunities for security and defence experts from parliament, the executive, and civil society organisations.
CSDM disseminates its research results through Information & Security: An International Journal (English language quarterly), the DCAF monograph series in Security and Defence Management (in English, occasionally translated in other languages), the book series, in Bulgarian, on “Information & Security” and “Managing Change in the Security Sector”, other refereed journals, conference proceedings, and popular media.
In its projects, CSDM involves permanent researchers, associated senior fellows, support staff, and doctoral students, as well as other Bulgarian and foreign experts.

Last updated: Thursday, 20 November 2014