Joint Research and Industrial Expert Forum 2019

Transcending Digital Disruptions in the Post-Informational Age

IT for Security Department, Institute of ICT, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in cooperation with Association for the Development of the Information Society is organizing a joint research & industrial expert forum "Transcending Digital Disruptions in the Post-Informational Age". Committees...Programme..., Speakers...Gallery..., Read also...Facebook group...











The event is expected to bring together rising & proven experts, professionals and innovative young researchers from the region and globally, working in multiple fields of the future transcending digital disruptions in the post-informational age:

  • Advanced Technologies Innovations & Disruptions
  • Economic & Investment Perspectives of the Future
  • Transcending, Alternative & Mixed Realities
  • New Media Opportunities & Pitfalls
  • R&D Key Outlines & Exceeds
  • Security Landscape Adversaries & Challenges
  • Cognitive & Social Outlooks
  • Wearable Innovations & New Communication Approaches
  • Robotics, Machine & Artificial Intelligence Innovations
  • Education & Research Future
  • Governance & Management Expectations
  • Policies & Strategies Necessities

The forum will be organized for a second year (since 2018) and has been successfully established in the framework of the Securing Digital Future 21 initiative of the Joint Training Simulation & Analysis Centre, IT for Security Department.

The new book “Future Digital Society Resilience in the Informational Age”, produced as a result of the 2018 start-up forum, encompassing future innovations and accents for the digital society resilience multiple necessities, achievements and perspectives will be also promoted to the participants.

Selected & extended forum results will be published in a special issue of Information & Security. An International Journal

Where: May 30-31, 2019, Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

For additional information: zlatogor [dot] minchev [at] gmail [dot] com

Start date: 
Friday, April 12, 2019
Last updated: Friday, 14 June 2019