Airport Security Management System’ Model

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Albena Popova


IT4Sec Reports, Number 140 (2021)


airport, management, model, security, system


<p>The airport is a complex system comprising various subsystems, one of which is designed to ensure the safety and security of the carriage of passengers and cargo by air. The concentration in the area of the airport of a large number of people, aircraft, cargo, complex and expensive information, communication and navigation systems and a number of other assets make it an attractive target for organized criminal groups and terrorist organizations. Countering threats to the airport security requires a systematic approach and compliance with a number of international and national regulations. All these features require the creation and implementation of an airport security management system that is resilient to threats and at the same time adaptable to changes in the security environment. The material presents the results of a study aimed at developing and validating a model of airport security management system with a higher level of efficiency and offering a solution to the main weaknesses of the currently applied similar system.</p>

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