Applying Multimedia Technologies in The Information Systems of The Security and Defense Field

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Yoana Ivanova


IT4Sec Reports, Institute of Information and Communication Technologies, Number 114, Sofia (2014)


3D, 3D modeling, artificial inteligence, computer graphics, decision support systems, expert systems, GIS, information systems, multimedia systems, multimedia technologies, simulators


In this paper the multimedia systems and technologies are thoroughly considered with a view to their applications in the information systems of security and defense and their role in the performance of military tasks in the process "Capabilities-Based Planning". Particular attention is paid to the computer visualizations, as one of the main multimedia means of expression that contribute to the more efficient, qualitatively and overall perception of the information.There are presented examples of 3D graphical models, created using a variety of specialized products for design of virtual environments.
The goal is to be made a summary analysis of the most innovative methods and technologies used in the field of security and defense for performing information activities and visualization of multimedia information.

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