Cooperation Model for Establishing Secure Digital Transformation in Corporations: Overview of Regulatory Issues

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Information & Security: An International Journal, Volume 43, Issue 1, p.98-112 (2019)


cooperation, Cybersecurity, digital transformation, legal framework, private sector


Digital transformation is not only a one-time effort that a company wishes to go through, but an entirely new vision on the evolution of business processes in the context of inevitable movement to the information age. Having in mind the nature of this movement, organizations should work hand in hand with each other and together to cooperate with the governments worldwide in order to establish secure environment for developing and implementing new technologies and innovations. This paper is focused on the essence of such interactions and the challenges before the organizations and gives valuable examples and suggestions for ensuring on-site security, as well as the best practices which demonstrate how the business could impact the creation of cybersecurity norms locally and globally. Additionally, the paper reviews the most recognized regulations in the area of cybersecurity and industry best practices applicable to the demands of the digital transformation.

Last updated: Thursday, 31 October 2019