Sharp increase in the usage of IT4Sec and related publications


With the launch of the new website of the IT4Sec Department in early November the usage of materials from our database sharply increased, reaching for the first time 21,000 downloads in one month.

Three articles from "Information & Security: An International Journal" top the list of most downloaded publications:

1. Cloud Testing: A State-of-the-Art Review

2. A MATLAB Tool for Development and Testing of Track Initiation and Multiple Target Tracking Algorithms

3. Terrorist ‘Use’ of the Internet and Fighting Back

The most downloaded publications of IT4Sec members are:

1. Analytical support to foresighting EU roles as a Global Security Actor

2. Capabilities-based Planning for Security Sector Transformation

3. C4ISR in Modernizing Security Sector in Bulgaria and South-Eastern Europe

Last updated: Saturday, 29 November 2014