Cyber risks, threats & security measures associated with COVID-19

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CSDM Views, Number 37 (2020)


complex crisis situations, COVID-19, digital transformation, protection measures, techno-social threats & risks


<p>This analysis provides a brief overview of the ten live techno-social risks and threats associated with COVID-19 for 2020. Practical security measures are also presented. Literature data, industrial experience and research expertise gathered from &ldquo;Secure Digital Future 21&rdquo; initiative with some recent activities of the European Network of Cyber ​​Security Centers &ndash; ECHO are jointly accomplished. The presented generalized results are giving current priority to threats and risks associated with: attacks on key online services and vulnerabilities in Home Office work organization. Other important issues are: phishing threats and malware attacks. Increased importance, but less expected one is going to emerge from: crypto-virus attacks, vulnerabilities in popular applications, robocall scams, fake apps and news, gray-market scams and malicious domains. Taking in mind these analytical findings, the security measures implementation should be organized with maximum automation, relying on intelligent security systems with multilevel organization. This from one hand will prevent the loss of data, information, technological and economic resources and, from another &ndash; is expected to facilitate the everyday social activities through intelligent technological support for effective society transformation in the new digital reality.</p>

Last updated: Monday, 11 May 2020