Cybersecurity Risks and Challenges in the Covid-19 Pandemic

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CSDM Views, Number 38 (2020)


COVID-19, cyberattack, Cybersecurity, disinformation, distant work, propaganda, social isolation


<p>The COVID-19 pandemic caused a worldwide crisis with health, social, psychological, economic and political consequences. The imposed social isolation has leа to an exceptionally intensive use of Internet and revolutionary digitalization of human life in its interactive professional, academic and entertainment aspects. The cybersecurity risks also increased, which made cyber risk reduction, protection and response more challenging. This analysis reviews the typical risks and vectors of cyberattacks in a situation of increased digitalisation, as well as main countermeasures. Special attention is paid to propaganda and disinformation as specific cybercrimes critical to the social systems.</p>

Last updated: Thursday, 11 June 2020