DIGILIENCE - A Platform for Digital Transformation, Cyber Security and Resilience

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Journal Article


Todor Tagarev


Information & Security: An International Journal, Volume 43, Issue 1, p.7-10 (2019)


artificial intelligence, cooperation, cyber resilience, Cybersecurity, DIGILIENCE, digital transformation, emerging technologies, human factors, hybrid influence, industry 4.0, information sharing, intuitionist fuzzy logic, social networks


<p>The ongoing digital transformation requires significant investments and innovation to provide security of cyberspace and variety of critical infrastructures and essential services that increasingly depend on the digital infrastructure, as well as to enhance the resilience of organizations, communities, industries, nations, and alliances in the face of malicious use of cyberspace.</p><p>This volume presents 28 of the papers, accepted for presentation at the DIGILIENCE 2019 conference, dealing with cyber information sharing and situational awareness, the benefits and challenges of emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, the human factor, education and training for cyber security and resilience, the need to incorporate the cybersecurity efforts into the search for effective and efficient exploitation of information technologies, policies and solutions for security and resilience of Industry 4.0 and critical infrastructures, analysing and countering hybrid influence through social networks and more traditional media. The DIGILIENCE series of conferences will promote the sharing of knowledge and experience and facilitate the spread of good practice in IT governance, cyber security and resilience.</p>

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