DRIVER+ Taxonomy of Crisis Management Functions 2020

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IT4Sec Reports, Number 135 (2020)


In 2017, a research team in the DRIVER+ project led by the authors of this report developed a "Taxonomy of crisis management functions for classification of solutions." The taxonomy included a comprehensive set of 54 crisis management (CM) functions, with sub-functions and tasks, grouped in ten main functional areas. This taxonomy was implemented in the online platform Portfolio of Solutions (POS) and used to classify project-defined crisis management gaps and solutions uploaded on the POS. With the accumulation of experience, the authors were tasked to review, update and amend the taxonomy of functions taking into account user’s feedback, the “Common Global Capability Gaps” identified by IFAFRI and the strategic gaps and challenges elaborated by the EU Disaster Risk Management Knowledge Centre. This report presents the amended taxonomy of functions, along with revised and amended taxonomy of hazards. In combination, the two taxonomies allow effective classification of any content and navigation of the POS platform.

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