Evaluating the Utility of Distance Learning Forms during the Covid-19 Pandemic

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IT4Sec Reports, Number 137 (2020)


COVID-19, distance learning, gold standard, pandemic, presentations, tests, virtual classroom


<p>The emergency situation introduced during the Covid-19 pandemic necessitated a shift to a distance learning regime for students in higher education. This has posed a challenge to universities, lecturers and students that they had not encountered before. Overall, the evaluations of the results of the distance learning forms used are positive. In order to identify lessons learned from the practice, it is necessary to compare the efforts of faculty members in using the forms of distance learning and the degree of satisfaction of students and their assessment of the usefulness of these forms. Based on this comparison, the material proposes a &ldquo;gold standard,&rdquo; including distance learning forms that have received the highest grade for usefulness from students.</p>

Last updated: Wednesday, 25 January 2023