Governance Consulting Services and Tools: Governance Model Design for Collaborative Networked Organisations in the Cyber Domain

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Information & Security: An International Journal, Volume 53, Issue 1, p.147-160 (2022)


business model, governance consulting, governance design, proprietary tools, service provision


The article is based on a study conducted within the European network of Cybersecurity centres and competence Hub for innovation and Operations (ECHO) pilot project from the EU H2020 program. The study aims to develop a methodology for governance model design for Collaborative Networked Organisation (CNO) in the cyber domain. The focus is on the description of the identified services for governance consulting resulting from the study and the explanation of the developed proprietary tools to support them. Relation between the theoretical model for governance model design, required tools and design provided as a service is defined in order to support the exploitation strategy of the ECHO asset. Specific examples are given with support to the design of the processes and business model for the ECHO National Hubs and the potential federation of the National Hubs in the ECHO Network.

Last updated: Tuesday, 27 September 2022