The Image of a Bulgarian Politician “With Epaulettes”: Advantages and Disadvantages

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CSDM Views, Number 46 (2023)


advantages, analysis, disadvantages, officer with epaulettes, politician, profile


The transformation of a good soldier into a good politician is a process the success of which depends on the characteristics that make up the profiles of these two groups of subjects. The study of the effectiveness of this transformation is argued with the frequent cases of its realization in the practice of institutions such as the Presidency, the National Assembly and the Council of Ministers. The material presents the results of a study, the purpose of which is not to deny the possibility of realizing the good employee with epaulettes at the high levels of the country's political system. Rather, the goal is to examine the effectiveness of transforming the model of the good employee with epaulettes into the model of the good politician, thereby creating the conditions for achieving results for the benefit of society.

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