Integration and Interoperability of Information Systems within the Coalition Aerospace Operations Center

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Information & Security: An International Journal, Volume 8, Issue 2, p.175-193 (2002)


airspace control authority, C4I, CAOC, CFACC, coalition aerospace operations center, coalition ATO, coalition command and control, Coalition operations, Interoperability, TACS


This paper presents a roadmap to support coalition integration and interoperability of information systems within a Coalition Aerospace Operations Center (CAOC), run by the US. The proposal may be used to explore how C2 systems (one set of systems on a US secure network and one set of systems on a coalition LAN) could work during experimentation. Military members, both US and Coalition, contractors, acquisition, developmental test organizations, operational test agencies, and operational users are the key during C2 events and should document procedures and workarounds that improve overall CAOC system. Instead of presenting standard operating procedures for any standing Coalition Aerospace Operations Center, this paper primarily provides operational users with some insight into using more than one suite of equipment to prosecute a Coalition Air Operation. This paper expresses, both in operational and technical language, the theoretical underpinnings required for experimentation to improve a notional Coalition Aerospace Operations Center.

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