A MATLAB Tool for Development and Testing of Track Initiation and Multiple Target Tracking Algorithms

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Kiril Alexiev


Information & Security: An International Journal, Volume 9, p.166-174 (2002)


analysis tool, automated design, radar simulation and modeling, synthesis


Computer simulation is a valuable tool for design, analysis, and testing of complex systems whose behavior cannot be easily evaluated by means of analysis. The simulation includes input data generation, modeling of the system under examination and performance evaluation with proper visualization. The most complex algorithms can be easily coded by means of Matlab. The language of Matlab can be learnt quickly and, after that, the engineers can fully exploit its power with high productivity. The Matlab compiler translates *.m files into C code for real time implementation purposes. This article describes architecture and simulation tools for analysis and design of radar data processing systems, outlines the techniques used to generate the input data, and presents simulation results to analyze and evaluate the performance of various algorithms. The presented tool can be useful to practicing radar engineers for analysis and design purposes.

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