Ruggedized Commercial IT Modules for Field C2 Posts in Coalition Operations and Emergencies

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Information & Security: An International Journal, Volume 16, p.93-103 (2005)


Advanced Technology Demonstrations, C4ISR Architecture, Combined Operations, COTS, Emergency Management Scenarios, Multi-Agency Operations, Multilateral Interoperability, Network-Centric Warfare


The article describes a set of communications and IT modules that has been successfully tested in a number of emergency management exercises. The modules integrate advanced, commercially available technologies, and may serve as a pool of building blocks in the creation of advanced C4 systems for a variety of multinational, multi-agency operations, e.g. peacekeeping, stabilization operations, post-conflict reconstruction, disaster relief, humanitarian operations, etc. The authors argue that when this concept is combined with a smart approach towards development and management of a common architecture of the operation, it leads to cost-effective solutions to a number of interoperability, security and information sharing issues in coalition and emergency operations.

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