Smart Solutions for Sustainable Emergency and Crisis Management

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Andre Samberg


Information & Security: An International Journal, Volume 40, Issue 1, p.5-8 (2018)


CIP, civ-mil coordination, Critical Infrastructure Protection, disaster risk management, honeypot, industrial catastrophes, Natural Disasters, resilience, Risk, TIEMS, volunteers


This editorial article introduces the reader to vol. 43 of Information & Security: An International Journal – containing papers presented at the 24th TIEMS Annual Conference in Kyiv, Ukraine. The volume is structured in four sections: Assessing Risks of Natural Disasters and Industrial Catastrophes; Disaster Risk and Resilience Management; Concepts and Solutions for Critical Infrastructure Protection; and Risks Related to Conflict and Contributions of the Military to Disaster Risk Management with a final section representing relevant education and training courses in Ukraine and TIEMS.

Last updated: Monday, 11 November 2019