Strategy Development and Implementation in a Complex Multi-National IT Organisation

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Information & Security: An International Journal, Volume 42, p.13-32 (2019)


balanced scorecard, change management, Organisational Change, performance management, Strategic Objectives, strategic plan, strategy


<p>A strategy helps position an organisation in an environment. Often plans are wrongly presumed to be strategies and complex strategies can include a reorganisation. Strategy Development in a multinational organisation that is operating in an international environment is not easy. The intrinsic complexity of developing a strategy in this environment cause unusual frictions, due to highly volatile factors such as the speed of change, slow political processes and often cumbersome acquisition processes. Doing so for the first time, as a concurrent merger of five other organisations takes place, is not simple. However when necessity requires it, one can undertake a full strategy development. Building a strong senior management team is a pre-requisite. The team can be enhanced through the strategy development process, strategy production and subsequent implementation, by locking in the senior management team to a common endeavour. If they can be brought together and work together collegiately, collectively they can deliver the strategic outcome required.</p>

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