On the Use of UAVs with a Slantrange Sensor System for Estimation of Crop Safety

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Journal Article


Information & Security: An International Journal, Volume 45, p.21-33 (2020)


harvesting routes, nitrogen feed, Slantrange, stress index, UAV


The article addresses applied aspects of using UAVs for monitoring winter wheat crops to assess the aftereffects of herbicides remaining on the culture of the predecessor. The issue has a local specificity related to inconsistencies of plant cultivation technologies and the inadequate study of the impact of modern plant protection products in domestic soil conditions. Restoring the crop yields is possible by timely identification of the causes of stress, but the time for decision-making is limited. This time can be reduced by state-of-the-art monitoring technologies applied at industrial scale. Laboratory studies using phyto cameras and spectral and spectral-spatial monitoring methods unambiguously testified to the stress caused by the aftereffect of herbicides, but did not allow to establish clear criteria. Therefore, we conducted field studies using UAV-mounted Slantrange complex and analyzing the DJI Matrice 200 to define the distribution of stress areas on the field. It was found that the reliability of monitoring data can increased computer data processing and computer training in the search for correlation links between the distribution of stress plants in the field and the implementation of technological operations, terrain topography, etc.

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