Cooperative Initiatives

Cooperative Initiatives

Cooperative initiatives, organizations, and projects in security and defence Инициативи за коопериране, Инициативи, организации и проекти за коопериране в областта на отбранителната индустрия и технологии

Defence Technological and Industrial Base

he defence industrial base is examined as a key component of the defence potential of a country or an alliance. The lecture presents the trends in the evolution of the defence industries in the Euroatlantic area, along with national examples covering other countries. It provides analysis of the emergence of a ‘security industry’ in a defence-security continuum, supporting modern defence and security policies.

Cooperative Capability Development

The lecture introduces the notion of "curse of the scale" and the need to seek economies of scale. It outlines the cooperation mechanisms in NATO and EU formats, and possble levels of cooperation and coordination in the national security sector, as well as the phases in the capability delivery process in which such coordination needs to take place.

EU’s Common Foreign and Security Policy: It is Time for Change (in Bulgarian)

Ratchev, Valeri, and Todor Tagarev. EU’s Common Foreign and Security Policy: It is Time for Change (in Bulgarian) In CSDM Views. Sofia: Centre for Security and Defence Management, 2013.

След повече от шест пропуснати години, през тази седмица ще се състои Европейски съвет, посветен специално на Общата политика за сигурност и отбрана (ОПСО).

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