Cyberwar & Cyberdefence

Cyberwar & Cyberdefence

Operations in cyber space, Cyberwar, Cyberdefence

Responding to the Cyber Threat: A UK Military Perspective

Lester, Phil, and Sean Moore. "Responding to the Cyber Threat: A UK Military Perspective." Connections: The Quarterly Journal 19, no. 1 (2020): 39-44.

In 2015 through the UK National Security Strategy and Strategic Defence Review, the Government recognised the growing threat to our national stability, security and prosperity from activities occurring in, and from, cyberspace.

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Environment for countermeasures against cybercrime

The importance of issues related to cybersecurity, have a direct connection with the state of the environment described using features such as growing use of computer systems and networks for business and in everyday life. Environment is also important from the standpoint that within the same is done combating cybercrime and of its qualities it depends how this counter is effective.