Countering Corruption in the Defence Sector: Main Risks and Challenges

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Todor Tagarev


IT4Sec Reports, Institute of Information and Communication Technologies, Number 83, Sofia (2011)


accountability, defence audit., Defence resource management, Good governance, integrity, IT4Sec reports, Transparency


Defence is not immune to corruption. Several factors make the defence sector even more susceptible to corruption than other sectors, which sometimes manifests in unexpected forms. Hence, the corruption challenge has to be analysed comprehensively, while integrity initiatives are focused and build on success. Transparency and accountability are the most powerful tools to enhance integrity and reduce corruption in a democratic society. Their implementation in the defence sector along with other, more problem-specific measures, has to be provided in a single good governance framework. This presentation presents examples from the experience of Bulgaria, that could of use to the ongoing anti corruption endeavours of the Ukrainian defence sector.

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