Framework for Analysis of Potential EU Roles in the Comprehensive Approach

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IT4Sec Reports, Institute of Information and Communication Technologies, Number 88, Sofia (2011)


driver dimension, foresight, IT4Sec reports, security environment, structural constraints


IT4Sec Reports 88 presents the CSDM input to Focus working package 3.1. It identifies principal dimensions for describing EU roles in the comprehensive approach: (1) Actors; (2) Instruments; (3) Goals and Objectives in supporting non-EU member states; (4) Strategies; and (5) Mission Roles. Secondly, it provides an overview of recent advances in the EU understanding and development of the comprehensive approach. Third, it presents analysis of the structural conditions for EU decision-making and respective strategies. The final section of the report outlines the main drivers for the further development and implementation of the comprehensive approach. Abstracts of recent specialised publications are included in an Annex to this report.

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